We develop collaborative web/cloud-­based workflow and information management solutions for the upstream energy sector

E&P Data Support

Our products  have  built-­in  support  for  the   specific  workflows,  data  models  and  data   types  used  in  hydrocarbon  exploration   and  production

Workflow Oriented Approach

Technology  is  differentiated  through  a   workflow  oriented  approach  and   integration  with  upstream  horizontal   vendors  software

Experienced Team

Technical  and  management  team  made   up  of  highly  respected  upstream  industry   professionals  based  in  Muscat,   United  Kingdom  and  USA


Products designed to simplify and streamline the everyday work of the geoscientist


Solutions that let you get on with the real business of exploration and production


Transforming information into collaborative business assets

Discover how to improve the speed you can access and deliver quality subsurface data to your applications

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Why customers choose us

Meera offers a modern, lightweight, web-based approach to solving your data management problems. We can rapidly build and deploy highly-configurable data management solutions, tailored to fit your business like a bespoke system, with the accessible price of an off-the-shelf product.

  • Meera products address the evolving upstream requirements for next generation master and project data management systems, providing online access to data, and giving teams the ability to work together through common interfaces, using the same data sources, regardless of their device, location or domain.
  • Meera products allow customers to receive and deliver a steady flow of application-ready certified data, with integrated governance and auditing.
  • Meera products deliver data management workflows that run faster and better through process automation and the orchestration of the activities of disparate groups of people.
  • Meera products enable a reduction in the cost of ownership across purchase, operation and support, and are scalable down to the smallest oil companies or up to the largest IOC’s, NOC’s and NDR’s.

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